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Special products


From smooth design to final product
Since its establishment, Hermeta has been supplying customer-specific solutions to various relations.
For instance, through the years we have realized various solutions for the bus and train industry and Police Netherlands in consultation with our clients.

We generally use our own production facilities, and aluminium is our core material.
Of course, we are also able to purchase additional techniques and materials in order to make components even more perfect.

Gravity casting


Various aluminium alloys are processed to a final product through gravity die-casting or high pressure die-casting techniques. The final result required by the client, concerning surface treatment, largely determines the alloy and technique being used. Based on our make-and-buy philosophy, we will determine whether production will take place in Asperen or in China/India, depending on batch size and/or delivery time.

Profile processing


Aluminium profiles are processed through fully automatic CNC machines and profile processing machinery. Profiles can be supplied by the client or purchased by Hermeta. Our group purchase guarantees the best price/quality ratio. For that, the purchase of profiles in China will always be researched as one of the options.

Final processing


All processing such as CNC processing, polishing, barrel polishing and vibrating are done in-house and are used flexibly.



Hermeta guarantees a surface treatment of perfect quality, for decorative and/or protective. In our own anodizing department, we can provide our products with a decorative anodizing layer in various standard colours. Of course, powder coating is possible as well.

Sheet processing


Hermeta produces HerboLock HerboKern lockers and changing rooms, toilet and shower cubicles. The expertise provided for this purpose and machinery can also be used for processing of sheet material of third parties. Basically almost all sheet materials can be edited. HPL and Corian are available from stock.



Hermeta is able to provide all logistic handling for the clients. Our logistic planning will control your stock and makes sure that your production process is not interrupted by late deliveries.



Based on our one-stop shopping philosophy, we can also provide complete assembly of the final product. Hermeta can take care of your complete concept and make sure that the best engineering and performance trajectory is followed.