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The floor
A good stand is the basis of your success. A good floor is the basis of your stand. The Expolux floor system: an ingenious concept, favorable price and high quality.

Quality means: a strong, maintenance-free and flat floor.



“Time is money.” A cliché, but true. A striking feature of the Expolux prefab floor is the speed with which it can be assembled. Especially compared to traditional timbered floors and various other flooring system it is time saving! Moreover, the floor can be laid by one person.


The Expolux floor system is not your average floor, but flexible to adapt to obstacles and exhibition material.  Just a few accessories are needed to get around any obstacle. Also under the floor there are no problems: water, drains and electricity quickly -without special fittings- and concealed, yet they remain easily accessible.

Cost saving

The fact that it takes less time to assemble the floor and that it only takes one man to do the job also means that the cost will be reduced. All materials and fittings for a floor system of (approximately) 25 sqm are compactly packed on a pallet. Everything all in one place; in this way, the highest possible degree of efficiency is achieved in a fault-free logistics. Your floor quickly, completely and economically at the fair. That is your future. Costs of removal and waste using traditionally-built floors are history.



Placing this floor system is simple: you put the frames according to the thoughtful Expolux system on the ground. I.e. with the corners of the frames against each other, such as a checkerboard structure. Insert the bearing feet under the frames and finishes the edges and corners with edge and corner pieces meters.



In a simple way, to be with fast and highly accurate level established using a cordless screwdriver and hex shank frames. Finally, the 22 millimeter thick floorboards are placed in the frames. Your Expolux floor system is ready. A good beginning is half the job!




Click here for our instruction of the placement of the Expolux floor system