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Gardelux Colorline

The Gardelux Colorline coat rack system will do you proud. Round shapes characterise the Gardelux Colorline system. The curved shape has been used in the tubes as well as in the hat shelf, the coat hooks and the coat hangers. And the system is userfriendly:

receded aluminium coat hooks bar and high-grade plastic coat hangers. The slightly curved perforated hat shelf guarantees the visibility of the objects placed on it, and has the added advantage that they will not drop off easily.


The Gardelux Colorline hat and coat racks are available in the basic colours: silk grey and matt black and two accent colours: black and aluminium. In addition to this, it will also be possible to supply the basic colour in any desired RAL colour.

The wardrobe system Gardelux Colorline meets all the criteria for sustainable purchasing of office furniture.




Type 4 en 5 can be supplied in the size required by the customer. The maximum length is 4000 mm. Separate from this configuration is the wall mounted coat rack model 8 which has a more compact format and is especially suited for installation in offices.



A number of features of the Gardelux Colorline are receding coat hooks, invisible wall mounting and highly durable coat hangers. The distance between the coat hooks or coat hangers is 125 mm.

Model 8 with 1, 2 or 3 coat hangers. Model 8 also available with magnet (1 or 2 coat hangers).