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Special products engineering

Product development
In consultation with the client we are thinking about the product or solution for the'' problem'' of the customer. Initiate the overall process of product development (the design, development, research, engineering, manufacturing off a prototype

manufacturing, making ready for production and will be directed by our engineers. Through a continuous focus on new technologies and concern for issues such as environment, sustainability and quality assurance which makes Hermeta a dynamic partner.



Of course the experience and expertise of our engineers will be used to get to the final product.
Drawing is performed in 2D/3D Autocad, Solid Edge or any other desired drawing package.

3D Printing/ Prototyping


Hermeta has a 3D printer from Ultimaker which creates  the prototypes. All designs are tested visually. For more complex designs, 3D printing is used to perfect and precise. By applying this technique it is possible to very quickly switch to designing and fine-tuning before switching to series production.