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Gardelux Benches

Linkable fuctionality
After many years projects with wardrobesystems and benches from Hermeta are looking still like new. Where people sport, work or congregate there are user-friendly and low-maintenance solutions that can be fitted to any size.

All bench systems are modular so that the composition can be adjusted to meet user requirements. The convenience of the user and the requirements of the customer sit here together on one bench.



The benches are supplied as a wall model, floor model, separately or used in conjunction with a wardrobe system. The seat is varnished hardwood or anodized aluminum. Plastics, HPL or other woods are optional. Also the bench can be expanded with a shoe rack.

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Want to know more about the types of Gardelux benches? Or about the possibilities? Please contact us soon!

We are happy to serve you with a suitable solution.



Frames are made of black painted steel. There is a choice of colours on request. Standard lengths are 115 and 215 cm, but also available in any length.

Apart from practical to just put anything on or to sit on, these benches are indispensable in changing rooms of swimming pools, gyms, businesses and schools. The benches can therefore serve as a separate seat, but also be provided with a simple Gardelux 2 wardrobe.