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Certified Supplier
Hermeta has a comprehensive quality assurance system. A system with clear production and procurement procedures. We test incoming and outgoing products with modern instruments 

on measurements and appearance. We do this before the products are allowed in our warehouses.

ISO 9001

Our quality management is ISO certified since 1991. DNV-GL checks this periodically care system according to the ISO 9001 standard.

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Hermeta is SCC certified since 2001. DNV-GL verifies the quality system periodically.

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ISO 14001


Hermeta works continuously to improve its quality management systems. In 2015 we have received the ISO 14001 certificate.

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Sustainable environment


When achieving high quality production Hermeta also takes its responsibilities in caring for the environment. Longevity, materials and products recyclability therefore play an important role in the design phase. And in the production phase there is careful management of waste and residual materials.

Wardrobe systems are designed so that they meet all criteria for Sustainable Procurement of Office.

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VMRG paid very special attention to quality control and quality improvement for years. Hermeta delivers quality and is able to meet all legal standards and regulations, which are described in the VMRG Quality requirements and advice.

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SINCE 1991


SINCE 2001


SINCE 2015